Thrive Chicken Treats for Cats - Maxi 170g

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Thrive Chicken Treats for Cats

Thrive Chicken Treats for Cats - Maxi 170g

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Introducing Thrive Chicken Treats for Cats

Made with 100% freeze-dried chicken breast to deliver a burst of real, tantalizing flavour to your feline friends. The secret to this irresistible taste lies in our special freeze-drying process, which locks in all the goodness and taste that cats crave.

Freeze-drying isn't just for taste; it's also an exceptionally gentle production method that retains all the essential nutrients your cat needs. This technique, frequently employed in the pharmaceutical industry, ensures the highest quality and preservation of nutritional value.

These treats come in a practical and handy 170g resealable tube. Its convenient design guarantees the treats remain fresh and appetizing, while making it easy for you to reward your cat anytime, anywhere.

When it comes to ingredients, we believe in simplicity and wholesomeness. Thrive Cat Treats are crafted using only fresh, premium chicken breast, with no added preservatives, colours, or sugar. The result? A natural, delicious snack that's perfect for between meals.

Thrive cat treats aren't just loved by cats of all breeds, they're also a favourite amongst British vets for their excellent palatability and well-accepted formula.

Choose Thrive Cat Treats - because your cat deserves a treat that's as nutritious as it is delicious. Treat them with love, treat them with Thrive!


  • Freeze-dried to lock in the taste and goodness - ensures that all important nutrients are retained and that the great taste is not affected
  • Freeze drying is an exceptionally gentle production method and frequently used by the pharmaceutical industry
  • Supplied in a practical and handy resealable tube
  • Made using only wholesome fresh chicken
  • No added preservatives or colours
  • No added sugar
  • A natural, delicious snack for between meals
  • British vets frequently favour Thrive Cat Treats because they are very palatable and well accepted by cats of all breeds
  • Supplied in 170g tub


100% Chicken Breast

Analytical Constituents:

  • Protein 84.7%
  • Oil & Fat 4.1%
  • Moisture 5.1%
  • Ash 5.9%

Feeding recommendation:

  • Feed as a treat at any time
  • Reseal the pack after use
  • Store in a cool, dry place out of paws’ reach
  • Always ensure fresh drinking water is available to your pet at feeding times
  • Pieces may settle during transit


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You may or may not have noticed that the product size has decreased. Here is the message from Thrive:

"We all know that consistency of the quality of our products is the priority and so we are delighted to tell you that we have improved our freeze dried chicken.

Following some new machinery and improved systems we been
able to ensure the chicken is now consistently light and fluffy, just as the cat and dog owner expects. We have also added a more sophisticated sieving system prior to packing so that there is far less powder.

Although the product costs us significantly more to produce
this more consistent light & fluffy product weighs less which means we do not need to increase the cost.

This has had no effect on the 25g pack, however on the Maxi
Tube we cannot now get 200g into the pack and we can now only fit in 170g in the same sized original pack.

The good news is that there is still same amount of individual pieces in a pack."

We hope this explanation helps.