Pet Points from Ideas4pets

We would like to introduce you to our loyalty scheme, Pet Points. We automatically count up your points in this free reward program.

I am sure you are now wondering what these points are worth, how you have already got some, what you can use them for (money off vouchers or free products) and how you can access them!

Let's start with how you can access them first:

If you haven't order yet, to access the loyalty program you need to have a customer account. You can sign up here 

If you have already ordered from us you may or may not currently have a customer account with us (you may have ordered with a guest account).  You can try to log in here (there is a forgot your password link just in case you need it).  If that does not work sign up here with the same email you used to order so that you receive the points you have already earned.

The Loyalty Points button at the bottom also has the log in and sign up options too.

Here your can see how you can earn points and what you can use them for as well as logging in.

Once logged in you will be able to see how many points you have and how you can use them. This is is the best place to see all the rewards rather than going into detail here.  As a loyalty member you will be informed of any special offers first and there will be extra and double points offers too.

We promise that you will not be bombarded with emails or special offers or other bits and pieces, (and there is always an unsubscribe link if you don't want to receive information from us).