Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes

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Winston 8ft x 4ft Dog Kennel - Fitted
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes
Winston 8ft x 4ft Dog Kennel - Fitted
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes
Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes

Winston Dog Kennel and Run - Fitted -12 sizes

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The Winston features an apex roof which is approx 6' high to the eaves with an overall height of 6' 7" at the apex. The side of the run is meshed like the front with 2" x 2" inch. Great for energetic and curious dogs who like to see what is going on around them.


  • FREE delivery and FREE assembly by professional fitters
  • Designed to be movable from property to property if required
  • High quality build & design
  • Manufactured from tanalised timber giving ultimate protection from fungal & insect attack
  • The manufacturers use up to 32% thicker framework of 2.3" (much greater kennel & roof strength)
  • 9mm rebate allows the timber to expand & contract through the different weather seasons
  • Ex 16.5mm high quality tanalised shiplap clads all the sides
  • Heavy duty felted roof constructed of Ex 16mm x 125mm tongue & groove shiplap for maximum strength
  • The sleeping area & run are raised on plastic feet to allow water to escape when cleaning & to protect from rising cold and damp
  • The sleeping area floor is raised & insulated with (30mm polystyrene) to create a warmer damp free environment for your dog
  • There is a human access door to both the kennel area and the run area
  • There are 2 latches for each door with a padlock facility for added security
  • The pop hole into the run from the kennel measure approx. 62cmH x 35cmW but can be made larger if required at no extra cost
  • The kennel can be on either left or right hand side of the run - please choose from drop down menu
    Optional extras are available - please see below for futher information & choose from drop down menu
  • For bespoke enquiries please ring us on 01274 562204

* Image is for illustration purposes only and may not show the size you are purchasing.

Specifications (all dimensions are approx.)

  • Run area measures: 5ftW x 4ftD
  • Front Height of Kennel: 6ft
  • Gable Height (sides) 6ft 7"

N.B. You will need a suitable level base (eg concrete or slabs) before delivery of this dog kennel

Optional Extras

  • Deluxe Sliding Hatch: Easy to use. Made from phenolic covered ply-board. Makes closing the pop hole off very easy and is a simple yet effective addition to your kennel, The sliding hatch sits in aluminum channel runners and has a simple turn button to keep the hatch up for easy cleaning & maintainance of both the sleeping quarters and run area, This is a very easy way to contain your dog in the sleeping area on a cold winters day
  • Split Stable Door: Allows air flow through your kennel and ideal if you have puppies
  • Aluminium Anti-Chew Strip Pack: Strips are added to both sides of the pophole to stop your dog chewing the exposed timber framework
  • UPVC Draught Screen: 2mm Thick flexible draught screen designed to help keep the sleeping area draught free to keep your dog warm & comfortable
  • Insulation Pack in sleeping area: An extreme anti-chew insulation system which is ideal for dogs that are heavy chewers, Consists of 30mm polystyrene and 2mm pvc taking the wall thickness to 45mm thick, to keep your dog warmer in the winter and cool in the summer, With no exposed timber, this gives an extreme anti-chew finish. The lining is smooth, extremely hygienic, easy to clean & easy to disinfect unlike ply board, It does not splinter when scratched and due to excellent ant-bacterial properties, it does not go mouldy so helps to prevent odours
  • Wipe Clean Floor: A very hygienic washable deluxe floor using a 12mm phenolic coated board which easily fits over our standard insulated tongue & groove floor, Non-slip & prevents dog odours building up
  • Superior Onduline Roof System: An extremely tough, lightweight corrugated roofing material manufactured from bitumen-saturated organic fibres under intense pressure and heat. Needs no maintenance, 15 year minimum waterproof protection, colour fast, withstands high wind speeds, offers high insulation and sound absorbency, cannot delaminate, does not rust, rot or become brittle, First layer - kennel ceiling shiplap ex 16.5mm, Second layer - Waterproof membrane, Third Layer - Roof Battens, Forth layer - Fixed to roof battens Onduline corrugated roofing
  • Base Frame & Wipe Clean Floor: Allows us to install your kennel without the cost & hassle of a slab or concrete base. Consists of a sturdy timber framed base complete with our hardwearing hygienic deluxe anti-slip floor board. You still need a level ground for this.


As this kennel is made to order, please allow approx. 15-20 working days for delivery & fitting*  Due to Covid19 This delivery and fitting is being delayed and may be up to 60 working days.
*For delivery to Scotland please ring for delivery charges. No delivery to any off shore destinations