Kernelcote 500ml for skin and coat problems

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Kernelcote 500ml for skin and coat problems

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Feed supplement for dogs, cats & horses. Gives a shiny coat after no more than 4 days. Stops coat complications. Short shedding period. Gives a real source of energy, especially to young animals. No bad smelling breath. Facilitates weaning at all ages.

Recommended by Doghealth for use in the following

- Lacklustre coat (shiny coat in 3-4 days )

- Persistent hair loss

- Bald patches

- Irritated or dry scurfy skin

- Constant itching

Daily use of Kernelcote liquid feed supplement will keep coat and skin, winter and summer in optimal condition.

- Shortens moulting time (quick grow of new coat )

- Prevents breaking off and splitting of hair ends

- Gives coat a warmer colour (pigment restoration )

As well as supporting coat condition other advantages of Kernalcote liquid feed supplement are

- Gives higher vitality and better resistance

- Gives quicker recovery after having puppies

Kernelcote contains: lecithin, oleic, polysorbate 80, linolenic, palmitic, stearic, arachidic, glyceride, wheat germ oil, linseed oil,...

Each 100 ml contains: Vitamin A: 20000, vit. D3: 2000, vit E: 100

Daily dose:

Cats and small dogs: 1 to 2 ml

Medium dogs: 3 to 5 ml

Large dogs: 5 to 10 ml

Horses: 10 to 15 ml

( 1 coffee spoon is 5 ml )

500 ml

Expiration date : 3 years after production. (you always find date & batch information on the labels or on the bottom of the bottle)

Use alongside Kernelvit for an even better result.


Kernalvit gives a shiny coat already after 3 days. It stops coat complications (herbs). Gives a short shedding period and a real source of energy, especially to young animals. It gives facilitates weaning at all ages.

Kernelvit is a feed additive containing natural vitamins and herbs and minerals. Using Kernelvit no other vitamin/mineral supplements are needed.

  • increases the protective gut flora
  • Stops coat complications
  • Is a source of energy, especially for young animals
  • Helps eliminate bad breath
  • Facilitates weaning
  • Restores the metabolism to a healthy state
  • Improves food digestion
  • Helps in removal of toxic substances form the body
  • Shortens the shedding period of the coat
  • Helps coat condition

Small dogs I level teaspoon

Large dogs 1 heaped teaspoon


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